I am Ela, hear me sing!

don’t forget to tag it with #eurocovers

I’m only gonna do that to the covers that I record with my good quality microphone.

I covered Rainmaker on my loop app!

The lead vocal isn’t entirely accurate, but that’s because I was singing AND controlling the loops in real time.

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merlin + magic reveal


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"doctor who is a really serious show"

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- A good king should…respect the traditions of the past, as my father did. But a good king should also be true to himself and do as he sees fit… And be seen with those who he cares for.
- Even if they’re not…appropriate?

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I’ve always hated the phrase “you can’t compare apples and oranges.”

They are both fruit. You can drink the juices of both of them. They are both fairly round in shape, though you can contrast the more spherical orange and the bends in apples. Some varieties of oranges have seeds and apples have seeds too. Both are used to garnish salads. Both can be peeled. There are tons of comparisons between apples and oranges. 

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The mic quality is crappy but I thought the effects turned out really well

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